MCO Visa card – my first airdrop!

I was extremely excited to receive this email! When I signed up, I was not aware that I would get a monthly airdrop, which translates into money into my account every month, as long as I have MCO locked in. Based on my monthly MCO balance snapshot, I just have to maintain or increase the amount every month for 12 months. If I do, I will get 100percent of the airdrop amount.

Its a complicated formula, and you can read more about it here. But in essence, as long as I do not decrease the amount in the 12 months, I will get all the CRO tokens that have been allocated to me. Based on my first months airdrop, 2787.66 CRO converts to approximately S$180. Meaning that I might be $180 x 12 = $2,160 richer, just for locking my MCO with them. Not a bad deal at all. Who doesnt like free money?