MCO Visa card – why I got the Jade Green card and 5 reasons you should

#1 – The card is so sexy and made of metal. Yes, the reason is frivolous but I love having this card in my wallet.

#2 – You get Netflix for free, as long as you charge your monthly subscription to your MCO card! Here’s the first rebate that I got! Best thing is, you even get cashback, on top of the rebate!

#3 – You also get Spotify for free. Same rules apply, just charge the monthly subscription to your MCO card.

[Image to be updated when I get my rebate. Subscription due on 3rd April]

#4 – Instant cashback on all purchases! I get 3% on my Jade Green card (5% for the Obsidian Black). All cashbacks are credited into your card as MCO currency and can be transferred into any other cryptocurrency or back into your SGD on your card.

So if you have a purchase that’s gonna cost S$1,000, you will get S$30 in cashback immediately!

#5 – Unlimited free lounge access with Loungekey. I haven’t actually tried it out yet but just from looking at the app, there are 11 lounges to choose from at Changi Airport, and more than 1,000 lounges all over the world. [If you are holding the Obsidian Black card, you get to bring a guest in for free as well]

[To be updated: travelling in the 3rd week of April]