MCO Visa card – zero customer service

Signing up on the app was relatively fuss free. After submitting my purchase for 500 MCOs, I just had to submit proof of my ID and also proof of address, which was basically any utility bill or bank statement with your name and address on it.

To my surprise, verification was completed by the next business day and my card arrived 4 days later in the mail! This is what it looked like.

I was so excited to receive the card, but to my dismay, my full name was not printed on the card. I was 100 percent sure that I had put my full name in the application, because this was after all my name. I was also worried about whether I would be able to use the card or lounge, if the name didn’t match my ID.

I tried to contact customer support using the app but received absolutely zero customer service from them. When I asked them why wasn’t my full name printed on the card, their response was that there was a 20 character limit and if I had wanted to change the name on my card, I had to pay a fee of S$50! I was indignant and I didn’t think too much about it. Tough luck, I thought to myself. But after a while, I went to count the characters in my full name, and it was only 18 characters. So I asked them again, and this time they claimed that this was how I had input my name during the application.

I could not accept this and showed screenshots of how my name appeared on the app. And their response was that the name that appears on the app is different from what I had input during application. Basically, there was zero customer service and they refused to provide any help besides the fact that this was what they had on their system. However, I could show proof of the ID I submitted, proof of address and screenshots of my app, all of which had my full name. They basically brushed me off and said that I could pay S$50 if I had wanted to change the name and receive a new card.

I was honestly pissed off and obviously I wasn’t gonna win this war with them. I just told myself to suck it up and try to make the most of the benefits, which was the main reason why I decided to get this card anyway. But fair warning to anybody who is about to apply for the card, please make sure to key in your name the way you want it, so that you are not stuck with a card that you are not happy with.