Don’t Uber in the Baltics.. Taxify!

So there’s probably hundreds of taxi apps in the world today. Over in Southeast Asia, Uber has sold their business to Grab and if you find yourself trying to use the Uber app in Singapore, you can’t.

So I wasn’t too surprised to learn that even though Uber is in existence in Estonia, more people use Taxify instead. Taxify is their home grown app developed in Estonia and popularly used all over the Baltics now (btw, Uber is banned in Latvia).

I did a quick point to point comparison between Uber and Taxify and found that Taxify was up to 50% cheaper in some cases. See this comparison from my hotel in Tallinn to Tallinn port.

Taxify gives you an estimate and my final ride was actually €2.60, so it was well within the estimate.

Taxify also seems to have more cars available so it was really easy to get a ride in a matter of seconds.

Lastly, for foreigners visiting, it’s extremely easy to download the app, add a credit card and you’re all set to call for a ride using the app.

So the next time you’re in the Baltics, use Taxify instead. Apparently they’re also in quite a few other cities around the world!