MCO Visa card – instant cashback!

I decided to give my new MCO card a test run at a physical store. I had some money in my SGD wallet on the card, so I make a small purchase at Fairprice Finest using Paywave. The transaction went through like it should and the best thing is that once the transaction was approved, I also immediately got a notification on my phone.

What I really liked about this is the fact that:

  1. I am notified of all transactions on my card almost instantaneously
  2. I get immediate cashback of 3 for my Jade Green card, and I am even told the USD equivalent

So I open the app on my phone and as expected, the cashback shows up immediately. Do note that all cashback received on the MCO visa card will be given in MCO. In my case, the cashback on my purchase amounted to 0.1311 MCO, which at todays exchange rate amounts to S$0.565, which is roughly 3pc of my purchase amount!

So what I will do is to keep all my cashback as MCO currency until it appreciates, then convert them all at one go into my SGD wallet. So this amount will hopefully appreciate over time and I can also use it for purchases on my MCO visa card.

Unlike other credit cards which only give a certain amount of cashback if you meet certain requirements, I really like the fact that I am guaranteed a 3pc cashback on all purchases. I just need to ensure I have enough funds in my card!